Giuseppe Failla

Graduated in law, he began his carees as a correspondent for local publications in 1994 in Milan, where he works on the Tangentopoli affair, too. After a long time as a free lance he arrives in one of the major Italian radio and later he joins a financial newsroom, where he is editor in chief, today. He contributed for a long time with Il Foglio, Riformista, Indipendente and Panorama. He is also a media training teacher, today.

"Sustainability is a path of value that never stops"

The experience of a B-Corp company led by Walter Bertin, Labomar, in creating a value chain based on short supply chains, control of raw materials, and research and development of innovative nutraceutical products designed for human well-being and respectful of the environment

“Solar energy from every surface: this material will revolutionise our lives”

Flexible, versatile, efficient and durable: it is called perovskite and, according to researchers, it is the perfect material to produce photovoltaic energy from any object that is reached by light, even non-natural light. Annalisa Bruno, a professor working with the laboratory team that is developing its properties to achieve industrial applications, tells us about it

Investing with sustainable impact: now there is also a ‘fund of funds’

Fondo Italiano d'Investimento SGR launched the first fund of funds in Italy focused on the impact investing market, linked to measurable social objectives in the areas of energy transition, digital and circular economy

"ESG targets and credit: this is how we stand by companies and SMEs"

Between training new skills and monitoring sustainability performance, the world of credit and business is called upon to make the transition to a sustainable economy a reality. Here is the example of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

“Electricity is advancing, together with us. But Italy needs a targeted policy”

More than a year after start-up, ABB Italy's plant has 80% of its production from abroad and is already ready to be expanded. “What is holding back the spread of the electric market in Italy is the lack of a targeted policy of intervention at national level,” according to Antonio De-Bellis, E-Mobility Lead Manager and Vice President of Motus-E

Fast & virtuous: fast charging for all through super cables

Superconductive electrical networks, made from an innovative material, could enable both electric and hydrogen fast charging along motorways. A flexible, versatile and large-scale solution for mass users, resulting also from Cern research

Green bonds, ESG criteria and more: finance for sustainability in infrastructures

The capital market makes various instruments available to investors to finance green sustainability projects. We discuss this with Marco Spano, Managing Director and co-Head of Debt Capital Markets and Financing Group at Mediobanca. With an eye on the Mundys case

“ESG ratings, an agency register is needed to contrast the bubble risk”

Credit risk management is increasingly linked to the assessment of companies' ESG risks. A register of ESG rating agents would bring order by offering a better service to the financial market, according to Mattia Ciprian, CEO and founder of Modefinance

“Green skyscrapers, opening the new frontier of construction in New York”

The ecological transition in the building sector opens up great opportunities. This is illustrated by the case of Somec, Oscar Marchetto's company, which from the naval has entered the civil sector in the Big Apple