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Is electrification putting workplaces at risk?

The European plan "Fit For 55" is aiming at reducing emissions in mobility. But the change in production raised concerns among industry associations and components makers, about workplaces put at risk by this radical change. Is the "green" emergency and innovation a foe to full employment?

The Panama Canal: "The Eighth Wonder of the Modern World"

An engineering challenge overcome after four centuries, the story of the Panama Canal also intersects with the geopolitical history of Central America. A four-week voyage is reduced to a handful of hours

Flying again, flying better

From vertiports for drones to reading post-Covid markets, from intermodal mobility to hydrogen: these are some of the strategies that the SAVE Group has put in place to lock in on the recovery of the airport sector, which is expected to experience a general revival from 2022 onward. We spoke about it with the CEO, Monica Scarpa

The countdown to electric charging in the EU has already begun

The Green Deal aims at having one million charging points in the European Union in three years, but problems of several types complicate the take-off of electric mobility. The latest deadline for completing the deployment of a modern infrastructure is 2035

Keeping the balance of values in an upset world-market

Countries all over the world have rediscovered the value of safety in economy, after two years of pandemic and the outbreak of the war in Russia-Ukraine. But this fair need must not be mistaken as an end of globalization

Road Usage Charge: sustainably financing a new mobility

Which should be a telematics-based Road usage charge (RUC) system main goal? What kind of problem is it supposed to solve? Malika Seddi, Secretary General at ASECAP*, answers

The world’s biggest airport: Beijing Daxing

Built in less than five years, Beijing Daxing is the world's biggest airport and a triumph of new technologies. With its unique starfish shape designed by the study of Zaha Hadid Architects, the airport employs the latest new sustainable solutions

Occupied spaces: the vital role of mobility

Airports, roads, bridges, railways and ports: bulletins from the Ukrainian conflict underscore the importance of mobility infrastructure as the skeleton of a nation not only in a time of war, but, more importantly, in time of peace

Citizens' Energy Communities: the soul of the new smart cities

A challenge for engineering, and not only: the new forms of decentralised, sustainable production and consumption require new forms of community and new behaviour as citizens return to a direct relationship with energy

“Green” taxonomy in the EU: an open approach is needed

The principle of “do no significant harm” cannot become an obstacle. Comparative, strategic assessment of the impact of investment would be more effective for supporting the green transition, as part of a shared “vocabulary” guiding sustainable finance

Smart grids for energy and the smart cities: a vital combination

The future of energy grids lies in decentralisation: combined with information technologies will supply power to the smart cities of the future, delivering energy just when and where needed

Investing in infrastructures as the backbone of innovation and sustainable future

Investors need to spot the new trends in infrastructures, and finance has a big role in promoting ESG and innovation criteria. Which are the most promising sectors and applications? How sustainability concerns are affecting investing choices? Infra Journal meets Fraser Hughes, founder and chief executive at GLIO, the Global Listed Infrastructure Organization

The Italian way to new mobility? Restarts from safety

Alessandro Morelli, Deputy Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, explains to Infra Journal the priorities for transformation of Italy’s infrastructure: “Innovation, research, energy mix. And zero road accident victims by 2050”

Circular runways ideal solution to increase airports’ capacity

Square the Circle. Dutch air traffic control expert Henk Hesselink thinks he’s found the ideal solution to airport congestion – circular runways. But can planes really land in a continuous loop?

Economic growth and social goals: untie the infrastructure procurement knot

With many factors at stake, cost-benefit analysis is not always enough to evaluate infrastructure investments, according to the author

The tunnel that links Britain to Europe

The fascinating story of the Channel Tunnel, the maxi-infrastructure that revolutionised travel and communication, cancelling centuries of conflict and political tension

Carlo Ratti: a look at the progress in innovation

The Italian architect and engineer ramps up international collaboration, never skimping on his ability to elaborate optimistic visions of the future, where technology and sustainability will profoundly change the way we live

Being relevant in a constantly moving world

Infra Journal is born and it aims to be a magazine dedicated to all specialized operators who work within the mobility ecosystem