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Disruptive. Big Tech in the auto industry

While traditional companies are still busy transitioning to electric, Big Tech companies decided to invest in the sector. These new players are developing self-driving vehicles, opening up a new area of competition

How to cut gas emissions from transportation by 90% in the EU

The new European Urban Mobility Framework addresses mobility issues in 424 EU cities, as one of the key updates to Trans-European Transport Network (Ten-T), approved by the EU Commission. This whole package of actions, amendments and recommendations has the potential to kick off wide improvements for mobility among the member states

Managing traffic: congestion charge as an evolving option

The urban traffic demand was affected by lockdowns worldwide, but congestion charge as a remedy was all the same maintained, reinforced and is even ready to be newly implemented among some of the biggest cities*

Investing in sustainable mobility is worth the costs

Transitioning to a more sustainable transport system in our cities will require huge investments, in new technologies and new infrastructures. But these are investments worth taking, experts argue, if we want to solve more problems at the same time

Autonomous vehicles and the future of public transport

Self-driving cars are finally here and big automakers are racing to develop fully autonomous vehicles. This mode of transportation will certainly be less polluting and environmentally friendly, but it will not solve the problem of traffic congestion. And this is where public transport will still have a role to play

The possible combinations between mobility and sustainability

Future mobility challenges do not merely concern electric motors but also urban redesign and air transport

That strange desire for car-sharing

According to a study by Doxa, four key trends will change the face of European mobility within the next 10 years. Here are the issues still on the table to facilitate a green and smart approach to the future

Supersonic and green travel

The plane is called Overture and it is the descendent of the historic Concorde. Debuting in 2030, it promises to connect London and New York in three and a half hours. The ambition is to make the journey available to all and completely emission free

Cyber security: the key to autonomous driving

The security of IT components on board is a crucial issue in order to foster both development and diffusion of self-driving cars