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Visions of the future, at the museum

Culture ponders the evolution of urban spaces and transportation, with interactive, immersive and technological exhibitions. In the background, the environmental issue is constant. Here are 5 selected museums to discover a vision of the future that awaits us

Airports beyond the pandemic: alliances and sustainability for a restart

The industry is looking ahead to restore traffic volumes to pre-pandemic levels and beyond the war arisen in Ukraine. Infra Journal spoke about it with Alfonso Celotto, president of Aeroporti 2030

The Trans-Siberian: the longest railway line in the world

This 10-thousand-kilometre-long railway line from Moscow to Vladivostok, was built at the end of the 19th century by more than 90-thousand workers, most of whom were forced labourers. Goods, minerals and raw materials still pass this way today but, most of all; the Trans-Siberian has become a symbol of a journey to the outer reaches of our world

The Passenger #01 A conversation with Michele Rossi

In the first episode of the video series dedicated to travel and mobility, the architect and co-founder of Park Associati talks to us about his idea of the city of the future: "It will still be an important place of exchange and creativity"

Outdoors, green and sustainable: passwords for the next holiday

Tourism, like everything, evolves and Covid-19 has accelerated this process. Here is how routes, destinations and experiences can adapt to the perfect sustainability wave of post pandemic

Drones and new mobility between challenges and legislation

New routes and new rules are fundamental for the development of advanced mobility in Italy. Interview with Pierluigi Di Palma, president of Enac