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The future of urban living: events and exhibitions to start 2024

From the Middle East to the United Kingdom, via Germany: the most interesting events among cultural institutions describe the contribution of design disciplines in the search for sustainable solutions dedicated to energy and living

Mobility, smart city, design: 5 events, exhibitions and fairs not to be missed

Innovation in the world of mobility, town planning, infrastructure and architectural design becomes culture, encounters, exchange of ideas and suggestions. From Venice to New York via Barcelona, Seoul and Chicago: here are the events selected by Infra Cultura for the second half of 2023

On the road: 5 sustainable destinations for the modern tourist

From Japan to Peru, via the Mediterranean, here are some ideas for summer 2023 that combine beauty, culture and the travel experience with environmental protection and the drive for innovation

The Passenger #06 - Chiara Luzzana and The Sound of City

Diving into a city, to hear its breath and discover its deep sound. Chiara Luzzana is a music composer for many brands and she came up with the project called The Sound of City: finding the soundtrack for every city, from its environmental noises

The revolution in couple: Mr and Mrs Benz make up the automobile

Scientific ambition, adventure and passion describe the life of Karl e Bertha Benz, spouses who invented the first automobile and the journey by car. A lesson to still be remembered, written at the dawn of a new industry and a new mobility, more than 130 years ago

The Passenger #05 - Eva Geraldine Fontanelli, the good impact of traveling

Being a consciuous traveler means having a positive impact on the planet and the people we meet, according to Eva Geraldine Fontanelli. As a Ceo, consultant, stylist and fashion editor she is focused on projects joining fashion and sustainability. Infra The Mundys Journal has met her for the fifth episode by The Passenger

The best cities for those wishing to expatriate, according to expatriates

Climate, public transport, mobility infrastructure, cost of living and much more: the world's largest expat community has conducted a survey of almost 12,000 expats on the best cities to live and work in abroad, creating a ranking of 50. Top-down, here are the ones that passed the test with flying colours

Infra Culture: here are the exhibitions to watch out for in 2023

At a time of radical change and uncertainty, the world is questioning its future: what solutions for urban spaces, mobility and sustainability? Art and museums interpret these questions, from Tokyo to Copenhagen, from Rome to Helsinki via Qatar

"Building bridges through the charm of Art"

Better World Fund, a Paris-based non-profit organization raising awareness on critical global issues, hosts huge events worldwide about sustainability and health matters. From Venice to Cannes, Cinematic art at the service of humanity.

The Passenger #04 - Traveling as a transformation: Enric Batlle Durany

The Passenger travels to Barcelona, Spain, to meet Enric Batlle Durany, a co-founder of the architecture, landscape and urban planning studio Batlleiroig. He has been working for over forty years on merging city and landscape together, in an uninterrupted journey between architectural constructions and nature

The novel sinergies in mobility for tourists and residents

As the first post-COVID summer travel season winds down, have destination cities learned to build back better? Here is how innovative services for visitors can improve the quality of a smooth and resilient day-by-day transportation network for residents too

On the routes of digital nomads: “Travelling has changed forever”

The demand for tourism has changed since the spread of Covid. The new travel patterns are closely linked to the new work-life balance. What synergies and strategies can guide the restart? We talk about this with Giacomo Trovato, AirBnb's country manager for Italy

Ideas for an unusual holiday: 5 'tech & green' places to discover

From the Mediterranean to Alaska, from the Far East to the Atlantic: some tourist destinations can boast extraordinary environmental and innovative resources. These are the keys to the resilience and sustainability of the sector in the post-pandemic period, globally. So, together let's depart again

A Museum of the Future to be part of tomorrow

The iconic cultural venue in Dubai takes the visitors on a voyage into the future, but it is also home to an international debate among scientists and innovators, it supports research and is an opportunity for a new generation to become part of the future

A direct flight from continental Europe to Australia: a historical first

Flying directly from continental Europe to Australia is today finally a reality. Innovations and agreements have brought us to this historic day for aviation. Such news implies plenty of strategic and economic advantages, both for countries and travellers

“Fostering long term business to build our global future”

The Future Innovation Summit is a unique event representing UAE, and promoting progress among many industries. “Technologies relating to agriculture, health care, water and food security are high in demand”, says its founder, Adnand Al Noorani

The Passenger #03 - Carol Choi, that line between travel and cuisine

In the third episode of the video series, Carol Choi, a new yorker chef who moved to Piedmont, talks about the relationship between traveling and cooking. Travel, indeed, cannot be uninfluential on cuisine

Visions of the future, at the museum

Culture ponders the evolution of urban spaces and transportation, with interactive, immersive and technological exhibitions. In the background, the environmental issue is constant. Here are 5 selected museums to discover a vision of the future that awaits us

“Beauty connects people”: the Italian legacy at Expo 2020

This unprecedented Expo put the spotlight on the need to look towards the future to respond to the challenges and issues of the modern-day world. The Italian Pavilion was the perfect example of a proposal that considers the unity of nations and intentions, right down to the project’s design and planning

The Passenger #02 - Travel and music according to Andrea Manzoni

“Travel is the key allowing me to contaminate my approach to the composition and creation of music.” So says Andrea Manzoni, an Italian pianist, composer and producer who lives in Paris

Airports beyond the pandemic: alliances and sustainability for a restart

The industry is looking ahead to restore traffic volumes to pre-pandemic levels and beyond the war arisen in Ukraine. Infra Journal spoke about it with Alfonso Celotto, president of Aeroporti 2030

The Trans-Siberian: the longest railway line in the world

This 10-thousand-kilometre-long railway line from Moscow to Vladivostok, was built at the end of the 19th century by more than 90-thousand workers, most of whom were forced labourers. Goods, minerals and raw materials still pass this way today but, most of all; the Trans-Siberian has become a symbol of a journey to the outer reaches of our world

The Passenger #01 A conversation with Michele Rossi

In the first episode of the video series dedicated to travel and mobility, the architect and co-founder of Park Associati talks to us about his idea of the city of the future: "It will still be an important place of exchange and creativity"

Outdoors, green and sustainable: passwords for the next holiday

Tourism, like everything, evolves and Covid-19 has accelerated this process. Here is how routes, destinations and experiences can adapt to the perfect sustainability wave of post pandemic

Drones and new mobility between challenges and legislation

New routes and new rules are fundamental for the development of advanced mobility in Italy. Interview with Pierluigi Di Palma, president of Enac