Magdalena Smenda

Institutional donor relations specialist at Polish Humanitarian Action, she graduated from National Security and Public Administration at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, and from European Political and Governance Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. She was granted a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland. She is an alumnus of the European Leadership Programme in Brussels and the School of Leadership in Warsaw. She gathered her professional experience at the Embassy of Poland in Paris, Investment and Trade Agency in Warsaw, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw, European Commission in Brussels, international non-governmental organisation CIDSE in Brussels and foundation Kids Rainbow in Gaziantep, Turkey. She collaborated with Kurier Europejski (Polish branch of New Federalist Magazine) and Duel Amical. She is fluent in Polish, English and French.

Mobility as a social inclusion driver in cities

Infrastructures and mobility services connecting outskirts to centers provide social equity and give a chance to overcome marginalization. The transportation system can be crucial for facilitating social participation and levelling inequalities

Hydrogen a new challenge for greener airports

Hydrogen as a power source to relieve the environmental impact in aviation: this is the OLGA Project, as approved by the European Commission, with a total budget of 34 millions euro. But others are also considering this innovation

Internet goes “Splinternet”: warfare on the web media

The public digital space is the new battlefield to conquer the public opinion, as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows. Such a divergence may lead to a partition of the Internet: the “Splinternet”

SAF and e-fuels: the wild card to fly "green"

Authorities, air companies and fuel providers are increasingly looking into sustainable aviation fuels (Saf) and "e-fuels" as an alternative to fossil hydrocarbons. How are these fuels made? What are the pros and cons? Some operators are leading the way in Europe