Patrizia Marin

Patrizia Marin

Journalist and chairman of Marco Polo Experience, an agency in strategic communications, public affairs, marketing and media relations, with twenty years of experience in business internationalization, communication, media relations, mapping of the decision makers and community of interests’ relations. She has been advisor to the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers for Communication, Publishing and Information. In the logistics and infrastructure sectors, she has been Head of Communications for the Venice Port Authority; Media Relations Consultant for Aeroporti di Roma; International pr advisor for Atlantia while Vice-President at FBC. Patrizia is contract professor in Leadership and International Relations at the IULM University and has a degree in Law and International Political Science.

What is cloud seeding, a try to relief from draught

This technique was discovered in the 1940s, and is nowadays used in arid nations to stimulate rainfalls. More than fifty countries have already used it, and many others are planning to give a chance too

Eyes on the Red Sea, a strategic passageway for the world

When a giant container ship was stuck in Suez Canal, shock waves went across the world economy. Anyway, the Red Sea is not just a corridor for logistics but also an authentic chessboard for regional and global powers

A Museum of the Future to be part of tomorrow

The iconic cultural venue in Dubai takes the visitors on a voyage into the future, but it is also home to an international debate among scientists and innovators, it supports research and is an opportunity for a new generation to become part of the future

“Fostering long term business to build our global future”

The Future Innovation Summit is a unique event representing UAE, and promoting progress among many industries. “Technologies relating to agriculture, health care, water and food security are high in demand”, says its founder, Adnand Al Noorani

“The World needs climate literacy to preserve peace”

A call to action by Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Organization: “Climate change isn’t just a future threat; it’s happening now, and the changes we’re already seeing will only get worse”

“Beauty connects people”: the Italian legacy at Expo 2020

This unprecedented Expo put the spotlight on the need to look towards the future to respond to the challenges and issues of the modern-day world. The Italian Pavilion was the perfect example of a proposal that considers the unity of nations and intentions, right down to the project’s design and planning