Better World Fund helps NGOs to pursue their goals, promotes dialogue and the emergence of solutions for the population and the planet

Better World Fund helps NGOs to pursue their goals, promotes dialogue and the emergence of solutions for the population and the planet

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"Building bridges through the charm of Art"

Better World Fund, a Paris-based non-profit organization raising awareness on critical global issues, hosts huge events worldwide about sustainability and health matters. From Venice to Cannes, Cinematic art at the service of humanity.

Manuel Collas De La Roche, President and Founder of The Better World Endowment Fund, is a personality with a spiritual journey since his adolescence.

The inspiration for his actions is helping to highlight and disseminate initiatives that convey a message of compassion and union with one thing on his mind: to have a better world and always aim at finding solutions for our planet.

With his love for cinema and fashion, he tries to convey a message of peace by organizing the Better World Fund Program & Gala Dinner at international festivals and cultural events. He is convinced that the seventh art must serve the greatest humanitarian causes by raising awareness and initiating peace.

The Better World Fund has a mission to highlight NGOs and help them pursue their goals. Manuel Collas de La Roche promotes dialogue and the emergence of solutions for the improvement of the population and the protection of the planet: “Change is upon us, and in 2022, we remain committed to contributing to these transformations”, he says.

“In December 2021, on the occasion of the Dubai Expo, we brought awareness about persons with disabilities and the effort many put in service, including the global philanthropic organization Dubai Cares. In 2022, we have decided to focus on the preservation of our health and our planet. In March, still within the context of the Dubai Expo 2020 and the United Nations we focused on the conservation of the oceans and the blue economy.”

“During the Cannes Film Festival in May, we spoke about food, health, and sustainability issues. In September, during the International Venice Film Festival we highlighted Food, Health & Sustainability, and soon we’ll be in Jeddah, during the Red Sea International Film Festival, we will be speaking about biodiversity and the coral reefs.”

Which are the objectives of the Better World Fund?

“Better World Fund is an impact endowment fund. We stage international prestigious events gathering celebrities, filmmakers, leaders, companies and change makers towards one purpose: make the international commitment for sustainable development goals a reality. We spotlight. We connect. We build bridges. Through art, we raise awareness and funds to promote humanitarian action and sustainable development worldwide”.

When and where was BWF born?

"The Better World Fund is based in Paris. The Better World was created in 2016 in response to a humanitarian impulse stemming from a society in need of authenticity and truth. Beyond political, religious or cultural differences, we spotlight Women’s Rights, Education, the Environment and Biodiversity. More than ever, we must protect our planet. The Better World Fund has been organizing, since 2016, a series of high-level events in key locations - this program takes place in different parts of the world, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film festival, Los Angeles, Toronto, Monaco, Cairo, New York, Saudi Arabia and at the Dubai Expo 2020”.

The importance of being present at the Venice Film Festival?

“We work together with other influential people from Cinema, Music, Business, Sports and Fashion industries. Our disruptive format makes our high-level events unique: we’ve put together a variety of programs, including a morning Mastermind Conference with influential speakers, a business lunch, a gala dinner with shows, challenges for startups and prizes from The Better World to recognize the positive impact of businesses and figures from the film industry.

Mastermind on Sustainable Food & Healthy Lifestyle held last 9th of September was a meeting of high-level speakers and an inspiring transmission of knowledge that will raise public awareness on fundamental subjects. These exchanges allow awareness in the pursuit of a Better World. It is a selection of personalities and leaders who contribute to the betterment of our planet. 

This year, in Venice, the objective of Mastermind was to have a panel discussion suggesting actions and initiatives for Food, Health & Sustainability. We selected the best personalities and innovative leaders who are making the world a better place. The Mastermind’s main goal was to discuss, analyze and decide on specific actions, platforms and initiatives to protect our planet in this particular context that the world is currently facing. The Mastermind has developed the following activities: Mastermind Visionary Speech, Guest Speaker’s, Presentations Networking”.

Patrizia Marin - Journalist and chairman of Marco Polo Experience, an agency in strategic communications, public affairs, marketing and media relations, with twenty years of experience in business internationalization, communication, media relations, mapping of the decision makers and community of interests’ relations. She has been advisor to the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers for Communication, Publishing and Information. In the logistics and infrastructure sectors, she has been Head of Communications for the Venice Port Authority; Media Relations Consultant for Aeroporti di Roma; International pr advisor for Atlantia while Vice-President at FBC. Patrizia is contract professor in Leadership and International Relations at the IULM University and has a degree in Law and International Political Science.

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