Sofia Fraschini

Economic-financial journalist, graduated in Sociology with a specialization in Communication and Mass media, she began her career in the Editori PerlaFinanza group where she worked for the daily Finanza & Mercati and for the weekly Borsa & Finanza specializing in public finance and financial markets, in particularly in the Energy and Construction sectors. Later, she collaborated with Lettera43, Panorama, Avvenire and LA7, as a television correspondent for the program L’Aria che Tira. Since 2013 she has been working as a collaborator for the financial editorial staff of Il Giornale and from 2020, for the monthly magazine of the Focus Risparmio di Assogestioni website.

"Traffic is not what it used to be". A new mentality in driving

Autonomous driving, micro-mobility, sharing, limits to vehicular traffic: a new motorist approach to mobility is needed. With the downsized role of the private motor and the car as a commodity, new paradigms emerge in traffic psychology

"Yes to nuclear power to reach the Net Zero 2050 goal"

Atomic energy will be key to achieving emissions targets and supply autonomy, along with renewables. This is explained by Chicco Testa, manager and author of the book 'Going Back to Nuclear Power', speaking to Infra Journal about fourth-generation power plants and fusion studies

The smart lamppost, the energy-saving sentinel in the city

Adaptive and intelligent public lighting can be a key to sustainability in overcoming the energy crisis. Here's how 'simple' poles can provide not only light and at the same time consume fewer resources

The work revolution in smart and electric mobility

From cybersecurity to electrical infrastructures, from software programmers to hydrogen experts: professions in the automotive and mobility sector are changing rapidly, and continuous training programmes are needed

“The crisis won’t stop the green and smart mobility right off the bat”

“The challenge is on, but long-term global factors foster eco-innovation and digitalisation”: this is what Fabrizio Zerbini, Scientific Director of MobiUS, the lab on the future mobility of Bocconi University and Atlantia, points out

On the routes of digital nomads: “Travelling has changed forever”

The demand for tourism has changed since the spread of Covid. The new travel patterns are closely linked to the new work-life balance. What synergies and strategies can guide the restart? We talk about this with Giacomo Trovato, AirBnb's country manager for Italy

The Italian way to Mobility as a Service

Here's what will happen in Rome, Naples and Milan the three city-laboratories identified in Italy to test the innovative "Mobility as a Service", services aimed at citizens on unified digital platforms

“Building a smart city from scratch”. The pioneers in Sicily

A Sicilian ICT company has made Taormina into a digital resort town. And now is ready to export its replicable model from the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea” to other cities in Europe, starting with Helsinki. Privacy and flexibility are the keys to the idea

Airports beyond the pandemic: alliances and sustainability for a restart

The industry is looking ahead to restore traffic volumes to pre-pandemic levels and beyond the war arisen in Ukraine. Infra Journal spoke about it with Alfonso Celotto, president of Aeroporti 2030

Smart grids for energy and the smart cities: a vital combination

The future of energy grids lies in decentralisation: combined with information technologies will supply power to the smart cities of the future, delivering energy just when and where needed

The Italian way to new mobility? Restarts from safety

Alessandro Morelli, Deputy Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, explains to Infra Journal the priorities for transformation of Italy’s infrastructure: “Innovation, research, energy mix. And zero road accident victims by 2050”

Drones and new mobility between challenges and legislation

New routes and new rules are fundamental for the development of advanced mobility in Italy. Interview with Pierluigi Di Palma, president of Enac