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Hedy Lamarr, the fleeing diva who invented Wi-Fi

Hedwig Maria Eva Kiesler, long known only as an actress, decided to help humanity defeat Nazism with her studies in the field of telecommunications. Together with musician George Antheil, she invented a remote communication system for torpedoes, which today is considered as the basic foundation of modern wireless Internet connection technologies

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A frequency plan encoded as a musical score, automatically played and synchronized by a transmitter and a receiver, using a mechanized score repeater: this is the idea conceived by Hedy Lamarr together with musician George Antheil in the 1940s, today considered the basis of Wi-Fi Internet technologies and Bluetooth.

Long famous only for her acting career, Hedwig Maria Eva Kiesler has been increasingly recognised as the inventor of a long-distance communication system for torpedoes, which in her intentions could have helped mankind defeat Nazism. The patent given to the US Navywas first locked in a drawer, but later proved to be the basis of similar applications during the Cuban missile crisis. Once military secret fell, it was more widely adopted in the telecommunications industry, from the 1990s onward.

From satellites to Internet Wi-Fi, up to the very common Bluetooth, various systems today rely on the intuition and the analysis elaborated by the Austrian actress and researcher. Although 50 years later, Hedy Lamarr’s intuition still managed to change the future of billions of people.


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