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The revolution in couple: Mr and Mrs Benz make up the automobile

Scientific ambition, adventure and passion describe the life of Karl e Bertha Benz, spouses who invented the first automobile and the journey by car. A lesson to still be remembered, written at the dawn of a new industry and a new mobility, more than 130 years ago

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The story of Karl and Bertha Benz is a synthesis of scientific ambition, adventure and passion which often characterize the life of the most ingenious minds. Karl Benz, considered as the automobile inventor, was able to adapt the four-stroke engine to a new application, the self-moving coach. Anyway, the discovery of the potential of this innovation (which was patented in 1886) is due to Bertha Benz. She had indeed “invented” the journey by car, namely completing the first long distance trip covered aboard a motorcar, in history. An incredible act of optimism, courage and forward thinking for that age, sneaking out from her husband. Since then, among commercial intuitions and engineering development, began the rise of a new industry, destined to change the way of moving, travelling and our cities, for ever.

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Men and women, well known and less well known, who remained faithful to their ideals and intuitions, even when nobody else was able to see along with them. Nowadays, their ideas are everyday in our hands, as Prometheus's sparkle legacy, still capable of lighting up our way of living, communicating, moving and traveling. All around the world.

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