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The Passenger #08 - Ambrogio Beccaria, playing with nature

An extraordinary relation with nature, lived going through the oceans: sailor Ambrogio Beccaria tells his love for sailing, which bloomed since a very early age, along his passions and questions which follow him on the boat, crossing the seas of the globe, in solitary

Milanese, as a youngster Ambrogio Beccaria chooses the sea thanks to an immediate passion for yachting and sailing boats. A love bloomed on a mistral day, gone through the years along mistral racings in solitary and his ability to tame the waves, even thanks to an intense study of meteorology and boat crafting (he is an engineer). A choice which brought him traveling around the world, questioning himself about the meaning of “home”the sense of “limit”, the relation with the elements in a big “game with nature”.

The Passenger - A web series by Infra Journal

The Passenger is a collection of stories. A short logbook of travellers from different backgrounds, allowing us to investigate reality from different yet always incredibly close points of view. The leitmotif is travel, but the overall story is broken up into the many stories that we have collected in this video series, highlighting how movement and place are the harbingers of growth, change, encounters, influences. Life and professional experiences. Lots of stories with different voices, to explore, gain insights, understand and, at times, be inspired.

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