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The Passenger #07 - Vanessa Benelli Mosell on the wings of music

A pianist and conductor: travelling for Vanessa Benelli Mosell is an inseparable dimension from her natural talent for music, which from an early age led her to play all over the world

A life dedicated to music, an innate talent that soon turned from passion into a vocation for study and a profession at the highest level: Vanessa Benelli Mosell is a pianist and conductor who - carried on the wings of melodies, notes and scores - has travelled all over the world from an early age.

“In every city where I have lived there is a part of me or at least a part of that city has remained within me”, explains the artist who, after leaving Prato, has never stopped. Salzburg, Moscow, London, New York were just some of the stages of a growing process that led her to perform in theaters and auditoriums all over the world.

“I travel a lot by plane, so to be able to feel at home everywhere is definitely an achievement I have reached through the years of travelling away from home I have done and will be doing”. And travelling becomes an integral part of one’s creative life: “Usually on my business trips I listen to the music I play and conduct, so it is unlikely that it is not classical music. Having very little time and room for anything else, I try to make travelling a productive moment”.

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