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“Milan, the best is yet to come”: around the city with Studiopepe

The second season of The Passenger, Infra Journal web series, is here and with a new format: “Inside The City”, to meet different protagonists in different Italian cities and discover each time new ways to live, work and move around. The first episode is dedicated to Milan, through the eyes of Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, founders of Studiopepe, an architecture and design studio

The Passenger – A web serie by Infra Journal

One city, one protagonist. “Inside The City” is the title of the new season of The Passenger by Infra Journal, a collection of stories told through the words and the eyes of the people featured in each episode. Mobility and urban landscapes are the main themes of the series, shooted in various Italian cities.

A journey to discover the spirit of these places, their “genius loci”, but also the changes that happen here in the way of moving, living and working . The interviewees, with their sensitivities and attitudes, will drive us through streets, neighbourhoods and metropolises, in an inextricable maze of suggestions and experiences, towards the future smart city. Many stories with different voices, to explore, understand and, why not, be inspired.


“Inside The City” #01 – Studiopepe

"Milan has always been reconstructed, it has a postmodern approach. We like this so much because we think stratification is also at the basis of our work". A city that is big but not too big, big enough to get around by public transport, but above all by bicycle or on foot, letting oneself be inspired by the contrasts of the new skyline and by a sampling of continuous architectural suggestions.

Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto talk about their relation with Milan, where in 2006 they founded Studiopepe, an architecture and design studio renowned for its sophisticated and eclectic design philosophy. A journey far from the picturesque clichés of the “Italian dolce vita”, from the Stazione Centrale to the Politecnico, through the areas of Garibaldi and Isola: "Milan, not being considered a 'beautiful' city, is freer to express itself, change and rebuild. Milan is like saying... 'the best is yet to come'».

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