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The Passenger #04 - Traveling as a transformation: Enric Batlle Durany

The Passenger travels to Barcelona, Spain, to meet Enric Batlle Durany, a co-founder of the architecture, landscape and urban planning studio Batlleiroig. He has been working for over forty years on merging city and landscape together, in an uninterrupted journey between architectural constructions and nature

Enric Batlle Durany takes the spotlight in the fourth episode of The Passenger. In 1981, together with Joan Roig, he founded the Batlleiroig architecture studio, whose first project was a cemetery turned into a garden, in a sort of architectural pilgrimage between shapes, uses and materials.

Traveling, for an architect, is above all a visual experience: the landscapes and cities one visits must strike the personal imagination, impressing for their contrasts and the discoveries they represent. And destinations - be they travel destinations or architectural redevelopments - are always reached in the same way: step by step or, according to Batlle Durany, drop by drop.

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