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How to invent a new era of humanity: Federico Faggin and the microprocessor

A small object from which everything started, a few millimetres of technology that 50 years ago made computing available to the general public: it is the microprocessor and its inventor is Federico Faggin. An idea that revolutionised forever the way of living, working and connecting for billions of people on the planet. For Pioneers of the future we talk to the Italian engineer, now engaged in a tireless activity of dissemination

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A man who left almost 60 years ago from the Italian province with a lot of wit and talent in his suitcase, capable of opening up the computer industry to the general public with his greatest idea: the microprocessor. His name is Federico Faggin, an inventor never too well known to the general public and a true "Pioneer of the Future", who between successes and disappointments has restarted many times in his professional and personal life, often in unexpected ways.

From Silicon Gate technology to the buried contact, from the CPU in a single chip to the historic Zilog (produced for 48 years from 1976 to 2024, for home computers, arcade games, consoles and embedded systems, including military ones) Faggin is credited with the first giant steps that computer hardware took at the dawn of Silicon Valley, the place where the engineer had moved, contributing first-hand to the birth of a completely new industry.

So much so that today, in the 4.0 era, microprocessors are present in almost every "smart" device connected to the Net and the "foundries" that produce them are at the centre of complex geopolitical strategies. But in the meantime, Faggin’s interests have also expanded on a much broader, deeper and spiritual level. Since 2011, the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation has aimed to fund researchers on the “science of consciousness” and investigates topics such as technological development, scientism and the growth of artificial intelligence, which can be very useful, provided it is always accompanied and guided by human intelligence.

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