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Littering? It’s up to Pixies, the robot that cleans smart cities

The first instalment of Infra Journal's 'Rocket' column features Pixies, the AI-powered robot that collects waste, recycles and recharges at a solar-powered smart bench. Andrea Saliola and Pier Paolo Ceccaranelli’s start-up participates in the Aeroporti di Roma Innovation Hub programme

“Changing mobility is no more an option and the key is data”

“We need to transform traffic from scratch to reach the emissions goals set by the EU Green Deal”, says Markus Schlitt, CEO at Yunex Traffic, a global leader in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The task is ambitious, but it becomes feasible if you know where to start…

Utopia or the next revolution? The shape of the smart cities of the future

A line in the desert or hexagonal modules installed on oceans: here are the revolutionary projects of Neom, Oceanix City and other almost utopian smart cities

Italy's first vertiport deployed at Fiumicino Airport

Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), Atlantia, UrbanV, and the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), Volocopter, have successfully completed the first crewed eVTOL test flights in Italian airspace. It's the first time such an event ever happened in the Italian air space

Human beings can fly, according to these daring inventors

Taking off from the ground, soaring independently, covering kilometres of distance and overcoming any obstacle like a bird: the dream of flying has fascinated man since the dawn of time, but now, after a century of continuous technological innovation, it seems to be within reach. Also in “green” energy format

The Passenger #04 - Traveling as a transformation: Enric Batlle Durany

The Passenger travels to Barcelona, Spain, to meet Enric Batlle Durany, a co-founder of the architecture, landscape and urban planning studio Batlleiroig. He has been working for over forty years on merging city and landscape together, in an uninterrupted journey between architectural constructions and nature

The 'ecomodernist' perspective on the environmental issue

Technological innovation and economic growth can coexist alongside the ecological transition, accompanying and indeed supporting it, under the banner of a renewed humanism. Michael Shellenberger presents his divergent theory from traditional environmentalism in his book 'The Apocalypse Can Wait'

Infrastructure at risk in the Arctic due to climate change

Global warming is causing the land in the Arctic region, which is permanently frozen (permafrost), to thaw. Soil disruption causes immediate damage to human works, a major impact on existing ecosystems and the release of new carbon into the atmosphere

From cargo to aerotaxis, eVTOLs are ready to take to the skies

At the dawn of Urban air mobility (UAM) there are already hundreds of ongoing projects of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft worldwide, but some are closer to the finish line. Here is a selection of four of the most promising ones

Revolutionary roads: Ecopeatge, an eco-tolling system for Valencia

The Spanish city is testing an urban road usage and pollution charge, based on satellite and cloud technology provided by Abertis Mobility Services: here's how it would work, once implemented

Ideas for an unusual holiday: 5 'tech & green' places to discover

From the Mediterranean to Alaska, from the Far East to the Atlantic: some tourist destinations can boast extraordinary environmental and innovative resources. These are the keys to the resilience and sustainability of the sector in the post-pandemic period, globally. So, together let's depart again

Self-driving buses and shuttles: the 5 most advanced cities in Italy

From Turin to Bari, from Merano to the MaaS projects in Rome and Milan: cities in Italy are also moving toward introducing modern, flexible and sustainable self-driving public transportation services. Here are the experiments at the cutting-edge

A direct flight from continental Europe to Australia: a historical first

Flying directly from continental Europe to Australia is today finally a reality. Innovations and agreements have brought us to this historic day for aviation. Such news implies plenty of strategic and economic advantages, both for countries and travellers

The Passenger #03 - Carol Choi, that line between travel and cuisine

In the third episode of the video series, Carol Choi, a new yorker chef who moved to Piedmont, talks about the relationship between traveling and cooking. Travel, indeed, cannot be uninfluential on cuisine

Hyperloop, ultra-speed in an open source idea

The new frontier of innovation in ground transportation is Hyperloop, the "train of the future" conceived by Elon Musk. It will allow travel at 1,200 km/h in a depressurised tube through magnetic levitation. But the technological challenge is still open

A laboratory for sustainability in the airport of tomorrow

Reforesting is a part of a wider strategy in absorbing CO₂ at Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur. The group was certified Airport Carbon Accreditation level 4+ and has a plan to become a non-emissive airport platform in Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez

The Passenger #02 - Travel and music according to Andrea Manzoni

“Travel is the key allowing me to contaminate my approach to the composition and creation of music.” So says Andrea Manzoni, an Italian pianist, composer and producer who lives in Paris

That “hunger” for minerals: the price of sustainability

An electric car requires six times more minerals than a conventional one. Global demand for certain raw materials, such as lithium, copper and other metals and minerals, grows steadily as the world struggles to achieve sustainability goals

Satellite internet: the new space race

2022 will be a year of decisive importance for measuring the ambitions of the principal private companies aiming to colonise orbits around Earth in space in a new way

How to cut gas emissions from transportation by 90% in the EU

The new European Urban Mobility Framework addresses mobility issues in 424 EU cities, as one of the key updates to Trans-European Transport Network (Ten-T), approved by the EU Commission. This whole package of actions, amendments and recommendations has the potential to kick off wide improvements for mobility among the member states

Managing traffic: congestion charge as an evolving option

The urban traffic demand was affected by lockdowns worldwide, but congestion charge as a remedy was all the same maintained, reinforced and is even ready to be newly implemented among some of the biggest cities*

Beyond the imagination: the biorobotic challenge of the plantoids is here

These innovative “robotic plants” are bio-inspired automas that mimic the propagation of roots in the soil. Their creator is an Italian, Barbara Mazzolai, and her vision offers a glimpse of a variety of potential applications in various disciplines

A ranking of the world’s smartest cities

Digital services for citizens, e-governance, smart management of resources and more: a Singapore consulting firm has analysed 235 cities and come up with a ranking. Presenting the world’s four most digitally advanced cities

The Passenger #01 A conversation with Michele Rossi

In the first episode of the video series dedicated to travel and mobility, the architect and co-founder of Park Associati talks to us about his idea of the city of the future: "It will still be an important place of exchange and creativity"

Sky is (not) the limit

From SpaceX to Blue Origin, more and more private companies invest and believe in space as a journey but also as an achievement. What will its future implications and limitations be?

Being relevant in a constantly moving world

Infra Journal is born and it aims to be a magazine dedicated to all specialized operators who work within the mobility ecosystem

Transports, the dawn of the sustainable Era

The pandemic offered us a chance to rethink our mobility habits with an eye on the Planet. Here is how cities like Milan, Paris and London are responding to this need for change